Ever wondered what it is like to jump out of an aircraft 50,000 feet above a stricken oil tanker? Or how you’d handle defusing an IED? Or what it is like standing between a visiting VIP and that sniper’s bullet? Well now you can because The Company will put you right at the centre of the action.

In The Company you play an employee of The Company – an elite independent Private Military Service Provider, a global security concern capable of dealing with any situation from a high octane firefight to the tracking down of serial killers. If you can think of it, The Company can handle it.

This 214 page Roleplaying which puts you in the boots of a member of The Company. Play a solider, a pilot, a surveillance officer or any other concept you can dream up that fits the setting.

The game uses a modified version OpenQuest, a straight forward d100 system, with extra rules to handle Guns, non-lethal weapons, mental trauma and Vehicles.

It also contains pages of World information about Trouble hot spots, terrorist organisations, and Competitors to the company. A skill-full blend of real world information, written by someone who has worked in the UK Defence industry, and game-able fiction.

Two full scenarios :

Operation Bluebeard – A seemingly straightforward mission to parachute out of a Osprey onto an oil captured by Somali pirates and rescue the crew.
Operation F.I.S.H and C.H.I.P.S – As part of a Assault Group Maximum unit protect A.I.D.S charity workers in war torn Africa.

It is now available to pre-order via indiegogo.com until December 9th. The pdf of the game is ready now and all pre-orders will get the pdf.

  • The Company Pre-order page at Indiegogo.com


  • Pdf only $10
  • Softcover + Pdf $30
  • Hardcover + Pdf $40

Furthermore if the Goal of the pre-order is reached, every pre-order will get a pdf or print copy of the scenario Operation Camphor.

More information about The Company, including the first fifteen pages as a preview pdf on the D101 Games website.