From talking to Graham Spearing about Wordplay & D101, I’ve decided come to an end with my Wordplay endeavours and focus on D101’s other lines.

At the time Wordplay The Big Five was published, back in April 2010, Graham was unable to support the game, but now that he is it make sense for me to bow it and let him carry it forward.  I’ve simply got too much on my plate with other games to do it justice any-more.

It s been a joy to publish the Big Five. As a result I’ve had some lovely life experiences and I’ll always have my copy of the big white book (a print proof with the slightly different cover 😉 ) to cherish.

I’m ceasing to publish both Wordplay the Big Five (the core rules + four settings + adventure, 240+ pages) and Adventures In Wordplay: The Drowned Lands, at the end of this Month.

That means you have three weeks to pick up these books before they go out of print.

During this period, the Print version of the Big Five will drop to £10/$16USD and the a Pdf bundle of WPB5 & The Drowned Lands will be available for £5/$8 USD.

The Print version is available from

The PDF bundle is available from