Just a quick note to say that Team D101 will have a stall, selling our books, and will be running games ConQuest a one day convention on April 10th at Derby Assembly Rooms.

For more info about the con visit con-quest.co.uk

We’ll have copies of the newly released Savage North, and if things go according to plan Wordplay:the Big five and Monkey.

Finally here’s the line up of games being run by the D101 crew over the day;

GM: Tom Zunder (Morning)/John Ossoway (Morning)
Title of Game: The Beast of Ravenswood
System: OpenQuest
Max Number of Players: 6
Length of Game 3-4 hours.

It started just before the start of last Autumn. Trappers and woodsmen returning from hunting trips into Ravenswood brought back stories of comrades who had been lost to a creature of ancient evil which stalked any caught in the forest after nightfall. No one has seen the beast and lived to tell the tale. Their mutilated corpses were found headless. None of the victim’s heads have ever been found. The merchants and elders of Arnstown posted a bounty of 500 silver pieces to whoever killed the beast and brought the head before them as proof.
That was 4 months ago. The bounty has been increased 3 times and now stands at 1000 pieces of silver, but still no one has succeeded in slaying the beast.

A game for six players for OpenQuest, a modern streamlined version of the old D100 system.

For more information visit https://d101games.com/openquest

Tags: Swords and Sorcery, D100 system, newcomer friendly.

GM: Andrew Edwards (Morning)
Title of Game: The Ministry of Thunder
System: Monkey
Max Number of Players: 6
Length of Game 3-4 hours.

Your errant immortals finds themselves in trouble with the Heavenly Authorities. Fully expecting to be cast out of Heaven for your crimes, instead you find yourselves drafted into the celestial Ministry of
Thunder. Run by the God of Thunder, Lei Gong, it takes on the role of punishing those crimes that mortal law can’t or won’t reach.

Monkey is based upon the Chinese classic Journey to the West, were the players take on the role of Chinese immortals. A blend of action and humour, Monkey uses an easy to pick up card based mechanic that models the mythological world the game is set in, with its mix of Immortals,Buddhism, Taoism and martial arts.

For more information visit https://d101games.com/monkey

Tags: Monkey,Action/Comedy,light-hearted, newcomer friendly.