Ever wondered what it is like to jump out of an aircraft 50,000 feet above a stricken oil tanker? Or how you’d handle defusing an IED? Or what it is like standing between a visiting VIP and that sniper’s bullet? Well now you can because The Company will put you right at the centre of the action.

In The Company you play an employee of The Company – an elite independent Private Military Service Provider, a global security concern capable of dealing with any situation from a high octane firefight to the tracking down of serial killers.  If you can think of it, The Company can handle it.

The Company uses D101 games’ OpenQuest rules engine; a sleek and streamlined D100 rule set that enables you to maintain the tempo of your stories whilst keeping the rules simple and in the background.

The Company Operations Manual contains:

The OpenQuest rules engine – tailored to a modern day setting, and including combat rules covering all aspects of modern warfare.

Simple Character generation – enabling you to go from concept to fully finished character as quickly as possible.

Equipment – a comprehensive list of vehicles and equipment, providing your character with everything you will need to prosecute a successful mission; be that the latest in covert surveillance or the most accurate of rifles.

The world – in which The Company operates within, the global flashpoint locations that Company Operatives may visit, competitors to The Company, Company customers and organizations that Company customers may come into conflict with.

Story seeds – covering a wide range of possible genre, from the classic war-story,adventures with corporate espionage, helping with disaster relief and close protection work.

Two example scenarios – ‘Operation Bluebeard’ and ‘F.I.S.H & C.H.I.P.S’ which will introduce you not only to The Company but to the workings of the OpenQuest rules engine.

ETA Late 2010. Broadly compatible with other D100 systems.  Written by Rik Kershaw Moore.