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Just thought the time was right to announce, that D101 games is going to be releasing Wordplay: The Big Five. This is the original core rules, as released in the plain text version at Furnace, + five themes, or settings, that have been written to support the game + adventures. Cover by the wonderful Jon Hodgson, and interior art art by Ilkka Leskela, Simon Bray, Peter Town and John Ossoway.

ETA April 2010 – hopefully it will be available at Con-Quest 2010 April 10th Derby Assembly Rooms.

A full Narrative roleplaying game by Graham Spearing with five mini-settings known as themes.

Release date April 2010.

Features of the game

* A simple and flexible D6 dice pool mechanic
* Five settings (The Big Five) designed to contain all the information the players and referee need to start playing straight away
* Two adventures, one Fantasy one Sci-fi, to get you started.
* A fantasy beastary

The Big Five are:

1. The Cold Crusade, DeVinci Code meets Heroes, by Mark Galeotti
2. The Empire of Gatan, Fantasy, by Newt Newport and Graham Spearing
3. Flash Point, 70s/80s Sci-Fi by Newt Newport
4. Infinite War, satirical weirdness, by Newt Newport
5. Keep Portland Weird, Urban Fantasy, by Charles Green

More info:

Here’s the book’s cover


Expected Goals:

Typical Traits:

Typical Power Effects:

Favourable Circumstances:

Payback Challenge: