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Fortune is a straightforward, consise and powerful version of Fate originally authored by Paul Mitchener (Crucible of Dragons, OpenQuest Adventures, Age of Arthur & Starfall for Wordplay games) for his Swords and Sandals game Hunters of Alexandria.

We’ve already released Hunters of Alexandria as a small self contained game (110 pages A5 softcover, all the rules and setting information, scenario seeds and a starter scenario + four pregenerated characters) and we plan to release more small self contained games in this style. The basic idea that each Fortune book is a nice easy read for the referee, that they can then run with minimal preperation for a group of players straight out of the book. Don’t be fooled by the small page count, each book has enough information to run a campaign once you’ve played the starter scenario.  Hunters of Alexandria for example has the city of Alexandria detailed, along with a cast of non-player characters and a small but compact Bestiary of horrors for the players to face.

Lost Fools of Atlantis will also be getting the Fortune treatment, look out for it in early 2016.


Hunters of Alexandria cover by Peter Frain

Hunters of Alexandria cover by Peter Frain


Lost Fools of Atlantis cover by Jon Hodgson